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Not Strictly Ballroom NSFW Cover - Signed Paperback (pre-order)

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Signed Copies - Please contact me if you'd like this personalized.

Exclusive Front and back cover - Includes internal images

This year Darcy’s dreams may finally come true - he has a chance at winning the National Ballroom Championships, something he has worked for and wanted, with his family's support, for as long as he can remember. But after his dance partner leaves to pursue her dreams as a Marine Biologist, Darcy's world is turned upside down… until he dances with his best friend, Nick.

Darcy's dream, future, and family's dance school are in trouble, and his mum convinces him that winning could give them the publicity they need to save it. However, that means he cannot dance with Nick... A ballroom competition has never witnessed two men dancing as a couple, and they would never be crowned champions.

The night of the competition changes everything and what Darcy thought were his dreams come crashing down and splitting his family apart. Can Darcy rebuild his future with Nick by his side?

❤️ Dancing

🧡 Best Friends to Lovers

💛 Bi-awakening

💚 Demi Rep

💙 Low Angst

💜 Lacy Lingerie

🩷 Dirty Talk